Sir Peter Ellwood

“To get the very best out of a personal trainer, you need a professional, well qualified, expert who really cares about the well being of their clients. You need a great environment in which to train with extensive first class equipment. I am happy to say that Club Twenty Two meet these criteria and I thoroughly recommend the place to you.”

Sir Peter Ellwood, Chairman Rexam, leading global consumer packaging group

Jay Sean

Photo courtesy: Amit & Naroop

“When Tracey [Burnette] suggested a programme involving a Swiss ball, dumbbells and cables I initially doubted it would have any real effect as I was stuck in an ‘Old school’ training mentality... I stuck to her programme and after just three weeks started to notice a real difference in my muscle tone... Overall I feel so much more toned and now my fat levels have dropped, my muscles are finally popping through.”

Jay Sean, international singing star, songwriter and record producer

Laurence Fiole

“Thanks to [Laurent’s] insightful explanations, I understood that the secret of good exercising was in your posture and working of core muscles, rather than the number of kilometres you run on the treadmill. This new approach to exercise helped me get a clearer idea of what a gym is really about. The massage that followed was by far the best I’ve ever had.”

Laurence Fiole - HR Assistant, ‘The Economist’ magazine